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Sylvia Delvaille Jones, Founder


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Sylvia Delvaille Jones

I would first like to thank all of my clients-- some of whom I've had the privilege of working with for close to 40 years -- for their continued confidence in me.

Villas & Apartments Abroad has always been “the little company with the big heart” and we attribute our success to making the interests of our clients our top priority. I personally take pride in the lengths I go to meet your special requests. There is a unique bond that comes with each holiday I plan and I feel like the invisible family member... making sure that every detail is attended to before you step through the front door of your villa.  

My great reward is the responses I receive when my clients return from a holiday. And I like hearing it all -- be it a shorter route you discovered returning from town to your farmhouse in the Tuscan hills, or some component of the experience that we may improve on.

As communications technology changes the marketplace and new villa product competes for your attention, we believe that  there are basic principles that will always apply. In particular, when you purchase a villa vacation, you are inundated with choices, yet you must make this purchase literally sight unseen.

That is why the Villas & Apartments Abroad service is grounded in preserving the trust you place in us and meeting and exceeding your expectations. Upon accepting the responsibility of planning your villa vacation, we guarantee that, should some component need to be corrected, we take full responsibility and make it right.

We are pleased and proud to share our many accolades from the media but, more importantly, our testimonials from clients. We encourage you to read them and learn first-hand the positive experiences our clients have shared.

I do hope I will have the opportunity to help you plan your next journey. I have often said that I am the luckiest person to have a career that brings me such great joy. My love for this business is a passion and a deep commitment and because of this, I look forward to speaking with you at your convenience.

With warm wishes,

Julia Waller
Consultant Caribbean, Mexico, Europe/Concierge Services.

I am a native New Yorker and have been with Villas & Apartments Abroad since 1999. My areas of expertise include villas in the Caribbean and Mexico, which I visit on a regular basis to scout new villas, meet with the owners, and get to know the villas’ staff. Between villa visits, I like to experience activities that might interest our clients. This includes exploring lovely villages, discovering pretty swimming coves, and finding the best spot to enjoy local cuisine -- adding that extra "dash of" to the villa holiday experience. I have been swimming with dolphins, sport fishing, sailing, whale watching, and even spent a horrifying afternoon suspended high above the Mexican jungle on zip lines... all in the name of research!

I also liaise between the client and local property management to pre-stock groceries, book transfers, pre-plan activities such as golf and tennis, plan parties, book bands, arrange for cooking lessons, and many other details that range from the convenient to the decadent.

Leonie Lyn

I have been with Villas & Apartments Abroad since 1986. I once specialized in the Caribbean and although I handle the accounts payables/receivables, I still “stepup to the plate” when needed in the sales department.

In addition to my primary duties in accounts, my other functions include negotiating with villa owners for the best rates for our clients. I also liaise with owners and local house managers on important details such as staffing, nannies, security, auto rentals, chauffeurs, tennis pros, and other specific requirements. In short, I make sure that everything is in place when the client arrives and that it remains so for the duration of their stay.

Stephen Delvaille
Technical Support/Personalizing Portfolio Presentations

I am a trained computer specialist and maintain the inventory of our villas in our database. Although I am not on the phones, I am the person who compiles specially tailored portfolios for our clients. We utilize the Internet to show the full range of our properties, but in addition we always work on a personal level with our clients, providing bound portfolios on specific properties to fully showcase each villa with its unique amenities. I look forward to working for you from behind the scenes!