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Villas and Apartments Abroad: Testimonials from Clients

At Villas and Apartments we have Europe and the Caribbean well covered. We offer properties ranging from Caribbean beachfront cottages to beautiful Tuscan estates. Our information is constantly updated, as we strive to provide our clientele with only the most exclusive and customized luxury travel experiences. As a premier villa and estate rental agency we are featured in magazines that highlight our commitment to the unique needs of our discerning clientele.

Interested in finding a perfect villa rental, but aren't clear on why you should use a company like Villas and Apartments Abroad? Read some of our highlighted articles below and then send us feedback. We'd be happy to speak to you about how we can uniquely serve your destination vacation or event planning needs. At Villas and Apartments, we specialize in customizing each experience for our clients. Our dedication to exceptional service differentiates us from our competition, and is a value added service that cannot be found simply by browsing the web. 

Conde Nast Traveler states:

"(Sylvia) Jones has Europe and the Caribbean well covered, with a select few properties scattered on four other continents. Her listings range from Caribbean beachfront cottages to a Tuscan estate that can sleep up to 100, with a focus on larger, high-end properties. She's especially attuned to the needs of multigenerational families and will guide them to a child-safe house (complete with sturdy banisters) in a location with plenty of activities to keep all ages happily occupied. Her regional concierges can pull off just about any feat. She once arranged to have an opera staged at one of her Italian homes."

From staging prviate operas to smaller equally important feats like child-proofing a villa, we specialize in providing unique, customized and highly private vacation experiences for our discerning clientele. Read our listing in Travel & Leisure Magazine:

"Company founder Sylvia Delvaille-Jones asks homeowners to provide guest references before accepting their properties. Ask about epicurean vacations: Clients can tour local markets with personal chefs, who will offer cooking lessons back at the clients' villas."

There is no better review than that from a happy client. We welcome you to read our review on Truth.Travel summarized below:

"We would not hesitate to put our full faith in any choice Sylvia might make, based upon our needs in Italy or elsewhere. Our experience with Sylvia Jones is unique, despite the fact that we have been frequent travelers abroad for many years. Helen and Abe Chutorian, New York."